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On-site Sewage Inspection

Homeowner's Guide to Major Repairs or New Installation
Regulating Authority
Soil Morphology

Senate Bill 446 established State Statue 701.025 through 701.059. This Statute required the Missouri Department of Health to establish standards and procedures for:

  1. Construction or repair of on-site sewage systems.
  2. Investigation of sewage system complaints.
  3. Registration and training of sewage system installers.
  4. Provide list of registered installers.
  5. Listing of individuals qualified to perform soil morphology evaluations.

The Ripley County Health Center does not design on site septic systems. We do offer technical assistance and advise for those who request it.

The permit that is referred to is the Missouri Department of Health On Site Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit. If the information is completed correctly on this application and the fee is paid this permit is issued to the Local Health Center.

Once this permit is received by the Ripley County Health Center along with the Soil Morphology Report and the Completed Application Packet from the owner or installer, Environmental Public Health Specialists from the Ripley County Health Center reviews the application packet and makes a visit to the site.

When the information and the site all meet the Missouri Center of Health & Senior Services Regulations, the Ripley County Health Center will issue the Construction Permit. This Construction Permit is valid for one (1) calendar year. This Construction Permit, must be displayed at the construction site while any of this type work is being conducted.

Once this system has been installed, the Ripley County Health Center will make a final Site Inspection of the system.

If the State Permit is not purchased, if the soils report indicates the soil is unsuitable, if the application packet is not completed correctly, or not turned in, if the proposed system does not meet the regulations, the Construction Permit Will Not Be Issued.

Only registered persons may perform soil morphology evaluations for the purpose of design and construction of an Onsite Sewage Disposal System. You may find a current listing of Registered Onsite Soil Evaluators in Ripley County here.
Sample site/soil evaluation forms are available at here. These forms can be used to report required information as well as other commonly reported soil information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a permit cost?
    A permit cost $90.00. Although permit fees from counties that do not have their own ordinances such as Ripley, go to Fee Receipts in Jefferson City, $65.00 from each permit returns to the Ripley County Health Department.
When is a permit required?
  1. A permit is required prior to the construction or major repair of a sewage system for single-family residences located on lots less than three acres in size.
  2. A permit is required prior to the construction or major repair of a sewage system serving a facility other than a single-family residence, regardless of lot size. (examples: churches, commercial properties, more than one residence on one property deed, etc.)
  3. A permit is required prior to the construction or major repair of a sewer system on any lot that is adjacent to a lake regulated by a Public Utility or the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
  4. A permit is required regardless of lot size when, during a compliant investigation, a home is found to be in violation of ROMs 701.025 through 701.059. Under the complaint procedure, a permit would be required for either a new installation or for a major repair to the existing system.
Where do I get a permit?

The Ripley County Health Department will provide application forms and issue permits. Permit and application information can also be obtained from any District office of the Missouri Department of Health or from the Central office in Jefferson City at (573) 996-2181.

Who does the State Statute affect?
  1. Individuals constructing new homes, on lots less than three acres that requires the installation of an on-site sewage system.
  2. Individuals’ making major repairs to on—site sewage systems on lots less than three acres.
  3. Individuals requesting on-site sewage evaluations of newly constructed sewage systems from the Health Department, for the purpose of satisfying lending institutions or other interested parties.
  4. Individuals with failing sewage systems that create a nuisance or health hazard regardless of lot size.
  5. Individuals who own property adjacent to lakes regulated by a Public Utility or the United States Army Corps of Engineers, regardless of size.
  6. Individuals who perform soil evaluation, install, design or operate sewage systems
How long does the application process take?

Usually about one week. All but the most difficult applications are processed at the Ripley County Health Department. The Missouri Department of Health issues permit numbers to Ripley County as soon as the permit fee is received. The Ripley County Health Department may then issue the permit as soon as the local Environmental Public Health Specialist approves the application.

Is the soil test required before a system is repaired or a new system constructed?

Yes. A soil morphology report is an essential port of the system design However, if a morphology report exists from a prior installation, as long as it is in the same area as the repair, it may be used.

Can a permit be denied?

Yes. If a system in inappropriately designed, will not fit the lot it was designed for, or it is evident that an on-site system will create a health hazard, a permit can be denied. If such an event occurs, the homeowner will be directed to the appropriate state agency that can provide assistance. The Missouri Department of Health District offices will also lend technical assistance where needed to help coordinate between other state agencies and the homeowner.


Private Drinking Water & Water Supplies

It is the purpose of this program to protect water supplies to prevent water-borne disease or illnesses by providing technical assistance to the public in water treatment, well installation, and sampling. This program addresses individual water supplies and water supplies that serve food and lodging establishments and other facilities under Ripley County Health Center jurisdiction. 

Private Water Sample Test Kits

Private drinking water sample test kits may be picked up at the Ripley County Health Center during regular business hours.

Once the sample is obtained, it should be submitted to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Southeast District Laboratory located in the lower level of the building at 2875 James Avenue, Poplar Bluff, M063901 for Bacterial Analysis. There is a $10.00 charge for this analysis, payable to the laboratory. A courier system is in place to pick up water samples at the health center.

The Ripley County Health Center does collect samples for Bacterial Analysis of private Drinking Water for Foster Care Programs, and individuals under Special Circumstance Situations.