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  • Birth defects are structural changes present at birth that can affect almost any part or parts of the body (e.g., heart, brain, foot). Every 4 ½ minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States. That means nearly 120,000 babies (1 in every 33) are affected by birth defects each year. Birth defects can vary from mild to severe. They may affect how the body looks, works, or both. The well-being of each child affected with a birth defect depends mostly on which organ or body part is involved and how much it is affected. Depending on the severity of the defect and what body part is affected, the expected lifespan of a person with a

  • Many throughout our area struggle with allergies which are, basically, abnormal responses of our immune system. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction to inhaled or skin allergens include any number of the following: Itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; itchy, runny nose; rashes; feeling tired or ill; and hives (a rash with raised red patches).

  • SOURCE: American Lung Association The diagnosis and treatment of non small cell lung cancer has changed dramatically in the past 50 years since the Surgeon General’s report on smoking and lung cancer. Early detection is now a reality for lung cancer. Early detection A large clinical trial called the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) found that spiral CT scans in people at high risk of lung cancer (due to smoking history) lower the risk of death from lung cancer, when compared to chest x-rays. This finding has led to the development of screening guidelines for lung cancer. Another approach now being studied uses newer, more sensitive tests to look for cancer cells in sputum samples. Researchers have found several changes


We believe that all people should have access to public health services.

We have been serving Ripley County since 1954. We are a caring and dedicated team committed to honesty, confidentiality, trust and consistency in the workplace. Therefore, we are responsive to the needs of the public and believe they are entitled to respect and equality.

Ripley County Public Health Center is responsible for the promotion, protection & improvement of public health through the development and implementation of services based on assessed needs for the residents of Ripley County.


Your director is Jan Morrow and your Trustees are Bob Adams, Rick Lane, Shelia Featherston, Sherrie Newman and Dorothy Walker.

  Call us at:   


We care deeply about the health of babies and children and their mothers.

Our services include WIC (women infants and children) food supplement & education; high-risk infant follow-up; anemia screening; child with special health care needs; developmental screening, nutritional education; healthy children/youth program; home visits; lead screening; immunizations; urine testing; vision screening; hearing screening; and Pediculosis (head lice) training. 

Or call us at (573) 996-2181 and we will answer all of your questions about our programs.

Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates)

Ripley County Health Department keeps track of all births and deaths within Ripley County. We also have access to the Missouri state registry of birth certificates and death certificates. If you need a certified copy of a birth or death certificate, we can help. 

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We provide routine childhood and adult immunizations; federal food supplement program for many pregnant women/teens, breastfeeding women/teens and children up to age five; diseases testing and information for tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles, meningitis, salmonella, H1N1 flu and more. We also provide pregnancy testing, diabetes counseling and many health educational opportunities.


The health center works closely with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Ripley County Emergency Management, County Commissioners, Local, Regional and State Law Enforcement and the Ripley County Memorial Hospital in the event of any county emergency.

The health center staff meets with the local homeland security team as well as the regional team. Information on how to protect your family is available at the health center as well as the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Ready in 3 program. Information is also available at their website

Ripley County Health Department is located at 

1003 East Locust Street
Doniphan, Missouri

Phone: 573.996.2181  
​Fax: 573.996.7632

Director: Jan Morrow-Chedister

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